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The overall climate of your home is key to your family’s comfort, regardless of the season or outside conditions. Day & Night Heating & Air Conditioning Co. has the technicians and the tools to complete home performance tasks and evaluations. With our specialized Fayetteville home performance services, you can discover if your home’s climate is as good as can be, and what should be done to improve it if it is not.

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Home Performance Services to Optimize Your HVAC

Whenever your HVAC system seems to be running less efficient than before but you cannot place a finger on what is wrong, the answer might not be the HVAC equipment at all. There could feasibly be a number of other issues related to the climate of your home that are not directly controlled by your heater or air conditioner. Our home performance services are designed specifically to seek out these outlying problems and give a diagnosis to our Fayetteville HVAC service technicians, who will then advise you on what to do next.

Four of our most popular home performance services are:

  1. Blower door testing: We use a blower door machine to test just how airtight your home really is. Most of us assume that once all the windows and doors are shut, our homes are properly sealed, but many blower door tests reveal the opposite. We can pinpoint leaks or weak points that are likely to vent out cool or hot air that your HVAC system provides.
  2. Duct leak testing: Other leaks that can weaken the efficiency of your HVAC system are not in the walls, windows, and doors of your house but in the ductwork instead. Let us use a duct leakage tester to see if the airflow within your HVAC ducts is constant and the pressure is enough to cause proper distribution.
  3. Thermal imaging: Using state-of-the-art camera equipment, our HVAC technicians can conduct thermal imaging scans of your entire home. This camera functions allows us to “see through” walls to detect abnormal hot or cool spots in your home. In many cases, such abnormalities are indicative of an HVAC leak caused by a faulty duct or insulation patch.
  4. Home energy audits: Heating or cooling your home costs energy and that costs money. Even with a brand new and calibrated HVAC system, it can be difficult to assess if you are using it to the utmost efficiency, which would save you the most on energy bills. We can conduct home energy audits to evaluate when your household consumes the most energy and suggest adjustments to your HVAC system or thermostat programming to counteract the issue. In the end, we want to save you as much money as possible on energy bills.

Once our team has identified the issue, we can move forward on repairs and improvements to your home to ensure your home's HVAC system runs efficiently without putting an unwanted dent in your wallet. Some of the services we offer include:

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There are few things that make our Fayetteville HVAC specialists at Day & Night Heating & Air Conditioning Co. happier than knowing we have made our clients’ lives a little more comfortable through our work. If your home has been feeling a little off due to discomfort caused by the temperature, please do not hesitate to call (910) 933-2338 and talk to our team members. We have been providing top-quality and professional HVAC services to people within the region for over 40 years and would like to put our experience and technical knowledge to good use for you.

Scheduling home performance services in Fayetteville is easy. Just contact us at any time and let us know what is going to work for you!

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