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Keeping Your Business’s Utility Bills Down

When it comes to successfully running your business, you know that every single cent counts in the long run. That’s why you should call (910) 933-2338 and speak with Day & Night Heating & Air Conditioning Co. in Fayetteville about our commercial duct replacement and sealing services if you notice your utility bills are sneaking up. Damaged ductwork is inefficient, which means your commercial HVAC system will need to use more energy to do the same amount of work as an undamaged system. It all adds up to higher energy costs that can drain your company’s coffers before you know.

As a local Fayetteville commercial HVAC service company, we know firsthand how important it is to protect your business from unreasonable costs and expenses. That’s why we act with urgency when we get a call from another local business that needs help with their ductwork. That is also why we do all we can to keep our prices competitive, earning your customer loyalty for as long as your business is in business.

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Why Should You Seal Up Your Business’s Ducts?

Your HVAC system can only be as good as the ductwork that connects to it. A problem with the ductwork – like a dent, crack, hole, etc. – becomes a problem for your heater and air conditioner as well. In order to have the best possible HVAC system for your commercial property, you, therefore, need to ensure your ducts are in tip-top shape.

Key benefits of getting your airducts replaced or sealed include:

  • Saves money: As we mentioned before, a more efficient HVAC system will save you money on your energy bills by using less energy to circulate the same amount of air throughout your commercial property.
  • Improves air quality: Damaged ductwork lets dust, debris, allergens, and other contaminants sneak into the air you breathe. Sealing or replacing your ducts plug up all the holes and cracks, only allowing filtered air to move through your vents.
  • Heightens comfort: Each room in your commercial property should feel a comfort increase after we complete our work. An efficient and sealed duct carries the cooled or heated air better, so there will be fewer spots that don’t seem to get any airflow at all.

How Much Air is Lost to Ductwork Defects?

On average, about 25% of the air circulating in your commercial HVAC system flows to an unintended destination due to ductwork defects and damage. For example, a hole in the side of a duct will pull some of the airflow out and into the wall, where it does nothing to contribute to your business’s climate control. All of that misdirected air is a waste, but duct sealing and replacement can correct it.

How We Conduct Commercial Ductwork Services

To begin, our Fayetteville commercial airduct technicians will want to conduct a full inspection of your commercial property’s ductwork and connect systems. We can run specialized tests to identify leaks and where air is escaping when it should not be. After pinpointing these problem areas, we can get an even closer look at the problems or damage. Airducts can run in walls, floors, and ceilings, so we will want to check all four corners, so to speak, of your commercial property.

At that point, we will recommend either ductwork replacement or sealing. Replacement is often the right choice for older systems with extensive damage and defects. Sealing can be beneficial, though, when a lesser amount of ductwork needs to be patched up. We will always discuss your options with you, so you can choose a cost-effective option that fits your budget the best.

For your commercial ductwork services in Fayetteville, go with the company that has more than 40 years of industry experience. Contact Day & Night Heating & Air Conditioning Co. today.

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