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How to Save Money With an A/C Performance Analysis

Did you know that roughly half of the energy that the average American household consumes in a year goes to heating and cooling? It’s true; out of all of the energy your home uses, half of it goes to keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Thus, when you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills, this is usually the best place to start. While most people think that there isn’t much they can do to improve their air conditioner’s energy consumption, you might be surprised to learn just how much you could save with a few minor adjustments and some additional care to your system.

What is the Purpose of a Performance Analysis 

The first step is to call a Fayetteville air conditioning expert and have them conduct a thorough air conditioning performance analysis. A performance analysis involves using special tools and computer programs to determine just how much energy your system is using at various points of a cycle, including during startup and shut-off as well as during normal operation. If there’s an issue with your system that’s causing you to consume more electricity than you should, this careful analysis can help you find it.

A performance analysis will also help paint a clearer picture as to just how much energy you’re consuming during an air conditioner cycle, and show you how you can potentially cut back on the energy you’re using. For example, if the air filter you’re using is causing too much resistance and forcing your system to have to work harder for longer to keep your home cool, an analysis can indicate that you should select a better and more appropriate air filter that will reduce resistance and let more air flow through your home. As a result, your cycle times will decrease, cycles will become less frequent, and your system will be able to keep your home cooler and more comfortable for longer with each cycle.

A performance analysis can also help you see just how your air conditioner is performing in comparison to how it’s supposed to and how it’s doing compared to a brand new system. This valuable information can tell you whether or not your air conditioner could in fact be getting to the end of its lifespan, mandating that you replace it soon. Being able to know when your air conditioner needs to be replaced is extremely valuable in helping you plan for this big expense and reduces the burden of having to do so suddenly in the event of an unexpected failure.

When To Call A Professional

If you suspect that your air conditioner isn’t running as well as it used to or your electric bills seem abnormally high for how often your air conditioner is running, getting it checked with a thorough and detailed performance analysis could be one of the best investments you make in your home. In turn, this simple service could help you save a massive amount of money over the forthcoming summer months by showing you just a few things you can do to both fix up your system and make it run better as well as change your operating habits to become more energy-efficient without sacrificing your in-home comfort.

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