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3 Warning Signs Your A/C Is Hanging on by a Thread

Man Listening to AC SystemEven though it can’t actually talk to you, your air conditioner will let you know that it’s struggling – as long as you’re willing to listen. Let Day & Night Heating & Air Conditioning Co.. walk you through a few of the signs to look for, and some indicators that it’s time to contact us to talk about how we can help.

Growing Number of Repairs

It’s okay to expect occasional visits from your home comfort professional. They should already be coming out to take care of regular maintenance, like cleaning and tuning up your unit. However, when you start seeing your technician on a regular basis because you are noticing strange sounds or odors, something is up.

When faced with the decision to replace yet another part, it is time to measure cost effectiveness. Take a long look and weigh the cost of another repair versus replacing it with a new air conditioner. If your equipment is past its prime, those frequent repairs aren’t going to stop – but they will get more expensive.

Excessive Energy Bills

When you find your energy bills making an unexplained jump, it could be a sign that your air conditioner is not running efficiently. If you’ve factored in the change in seasons and what you were paying a year ago, you should have a pretty good idea of what your monthly bill will be.

However, energy bills can spike when an A/C unit is running nonstop. Because your unit is always trying to maintain your thermostat level, a broken fan or extreme debris buildup can cause your unit to work harder to meet the demand. If you’re getting regular tune-ups and still struggling with low efficiency, it’s probably a sign your AC is on its way out.

Decline in Comfort

Despite your unit running nonstop, are you noticing that it is getting increasingly difficult to keep your whole house cool? Does it feel like the airflow through your vents is weaker than it has been? This could be because your unit is aging.

An air conditioner that’s ready to retire doesn’t just cost homeowners more to do the job, it actually doesn’t do the job you’re paying for! Hot or cold spots, a lack of airflow, or other, new comfort issues are all very real signs that it’s time to replace your unit. Simply put, if your unit is not keeping your family comfortable (or even making them sick), it’s time to make the call.

Do not ignore the signs your air conditioner is giving you. At the end of the day, the comfort of your household should be top priority. Once your air conditioner is telling you it’s time to replace, remember that doing so will be the most cost-effective decision.

Still not sure what your air conditioner is trying to tell you? Contact Day & Night Heating & Air Conditioning Co.. online or at (910) 933-2338. We’d be happy to answer any questions about your unit’s strange behavior.