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3 Reasons Bigger Isn't Better for Your A/C System

Cartoon Man Carrying Box of BillsThe heat of summer can be oppressive, and the joy of a comfortable home with ice-cold air conditioning sounds delightful. With dreams of the coldest air possible, you may be tempted to choose an air conditioner that may be larger than recommended by licensed heating and cooling professionals. However, a larger than life air conditioner may not meet your needs for comfort and requires more energy, resulting in a higher energy bill as well.

Bigger Means Higher Initial Costs

The first place you will feel the pinch is when you replace your air conditioning system. A larger system costs more than a properly sized air conditioner – sometimes even thousands of dollars more.

A professional air conditioning company will always recommend the properly sized system for your home to make sure you aren’t spending an excessive amount of money.

Bigger Means Weird Hot Spots

Air conditioners remove both heat and moisture from the air. The process of the warm air from your home passing through the cold evaporator coils is what pulls the humidity from the air, and the cool air then goes into your home.

Having an air conditioner that is too big can make you extremely uncomfortable because the larger air conditioner can actually satisfy your thermostat too quickly. This results in short cycling, which means your air conditioner turns on and off very often throughout the day. This is a problem because the system does not run long enough to remove the humidity from your home.

Bigger Means Spending More Over the Life of the System

Another issue resulting from your system turning on and off is the likelihood for more preventative maintenance and repair needs. When your air conditioner is in a constant process of turning on and off, it causes more wear and tear to the system. In addition to requiring more maintenance and repairs, the life of your air conditioner will be shortened, requiring the expense of replacement equipment sooner than you expected.

Also, an air conditioning system is actually more efficient the longer it runs. It generally uses more energy for many rapid starts and stops versus a system that is sized properly and allowed to run through a normal cooling cycle.

So a properly sized, highly efficient system will save you money on both long-term maintenance AND utility savings – and can even pay for itself!

When Day & Night Heating & Air Conditioning Co.. installs your air conditioning system, we will ensure that your unit is perfectly sized for your home and your cooling needs are met so you can enjoy optimum comfort and energy efficiency. Contact us today to address all of your air conditioning needs.